Removal of front GM 9.25IFS stub axle

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Removal of front GM 9.25IFS stub axle

Post by dmatchett » Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:52 am

All GM 2500/3500 pickups come with a 9.25IFS front differentials and the short stub axle over a period
of time becomes seized in the unit, to remove it can be a challenge as it is held in there with a snap ring
and many a mechanic have taken a sledge hammer and try to pound it out, there is a good chance the unit
will crack before you succeed, a year ago we did a tech seminar and this was one of the topics, upon explaining
a simple method to remove the axle you could hear a pin drop, shaking there heads and muttering most felt
this solution was worth the trip to the seminar. Simply remove the unit but don't disassemble it, mount it on
two blocks of wood and slowly rotate the stub axle several times while gently tapping the flange of the axle, then
take two screw drivers and pop it out. In doing this what you do is reset the snap ring back in its original slot
making removal a breeze. Replacement snap ring must be purchased from the dealer.

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Re: Removal of front GM 9.25IFS stub axle

Post by barrycole » Sat Mar 05, 2016 5:42 pm

Learned that trick a long time ago. They sure caused a lot of head aches. LOL!
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