Ford F550 exploding rear differential.Why?

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Ford F550 exploding rear differential.Why?

Post by dmatchett » Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:04 pm

In 1999-2004 Spicer developed a new rear differential called a S135 or S150, referring to the 13,500 or 15,000 lb. axles and have a removable 3rd member
or pot style differential (similar to the Ford 9") and where used in Ford, GMC and International trucks. This differential has experience problems with the
differential case exploding, wiping out the two piece case, internal nest kit and sometimes the ring & pinion and can happen on vehicles with low mileage.
The main cause of this is OEM design has been the design is under spec, the moment a customer buys one of these vehicles and add a flat deck or box on the back not
taking into account additional weight be add later depending on what the vehicle will be used for. What happens now is the differential will start to sink
causing the axle shafts to be improperly align with the side gears, since the splines on the axle shaft are not engaging 100% on the side gear and the differential
sinking the shaft can't turn properly resulting in destroying the side gears and case. If the customer doesn't continue to drive the vehicle you can most times
salvage the ring & pinion, but will still require the differential case, nest kit, bearing kit and a ring gear bolt kit . The differential case comes as a two piece
case with one half riveted to the ring and pinion, if the ring and pinion is salvageable then simply grind the rivets off and replace with ring gear bolts, washers
and nuts that come in the kit. Should the ring & pinion be damaged ,and they are very expensive, I suggest replacing the whole unit and they are available from
Dana Corporation. Regardless of mileage on the vehicle dealerships have refused to warranty any of this work. There is some aftermarket parts now available
but I suggest using Spicer parts only and it is imperative that you inform your customer that there is no warranty on these parts, it is a design problem and
there is a good chance the failure will repeat itself, some suppliers have told shops they will warranty the parts and have been left high and dry when the
customers experiencing a repeat, simply be up front with him and mark it on their invoice.

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