Hyundai Santa Fe rear coupler fix

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Hyundai Santa Fe rear coupler fix

Post by dmatchett » Tue Feb 27, 2018 12:50 pm

All the Hyundai Santa Fe models have a coupler that sits in front of the rear differential and are experiencing problems malfunctioning and most shops have been purchasing new units from the dealer at a inflated price. The units do not have a fill hole so when they run dry the dealer only offers a replacement unit, however, there is an inexpensive fix that only requires labor and fluid. Simply remove the unit from the vehicle and on your bench separate the two case halves, once this is done remove the clutches and thoroughly clean the housing and parts then reinstall the parts, the next step is to fill the unit with Auto Trac fluid (same fluid GM supplies for the New Process 246 transfer cases). Keep in mind that there is no fill hole so put as much fluid you can in the unit then reassemble and install back in the vehicle. I have had many customers do this and 100% rectifies the problem without replacing the unit.

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