Toyota Rav 4 rear differential coupler fix

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Toyota Rav 4 rear differential coupler fix

Post by dmatchett » Tue Feb 27, 2018 2:43 pm

Similar to the Hyundai Santa Fe the Rav 4 has a coupler located in front of the rear differential that also malfunctions and the fix is identical to the Santa Fe
with the exception the bearing and seal may need replacing, Toyota does not offer the parts separately but Transtar does stock them (in Canada for sure)
and are available to repair these units. Replacement fluid that can be used is the Auto Trac fluid used in the NP246 transfer cases supplied by GM. I have
listed the part numbers below and make sure the clutches, parts and housing is thoroughly cleaned.

Bearing 6008-2RSC3

Seal 1900-044-022

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