Mentoring Program

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Mentoring Program

Post by buddha52 » Tue Mar 22, 2016 8:46 am

Wondering if any members have tried or are participating in any type of mentoring. I have been working with my local Vocational Technical school instructor in Automotive Technology to try to get transmissions a little more attention but the curriculum he has to follow just covers the basics of power train. I am trying to figure out how to get more techs involved in this trade not just "case loaders" but real techs with the passion for this and not just a pay check. He has a couple students that would like to do more in this area and I am trying to figure if I need to find a location that we can train in or if they can just come to my shop a few hours a week in the evenings or weekends even. Maybe over summer break? Worry about liability issues in my shop though. I am throwing it out for any ideas or input. I have found a very good text book I feel covers introduction,theory and applied tech.
I realize I will have to contact some corporations for support down the road but I need a better plan that I feel will work. Any and all input would be appreciated. I have a few years left in me and would love to pass this passion of mine onto the next gen as my Mentor did for me. I am ever great full Howard.
Thanks and have a great week!
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