5L40E Gear error 3rd P0733

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5L40E Gear error 3rd P0733

Post by gsferraro » Sat Nov 24, 2018 2:46 pm

Hello all,
Have a BMW 323I that came in running away in 3rd, did the overhaul, found coast clutch smoked. Overhaul banner kit, pistons, all solenoids and transgo PR valve and Transgo AFL valve. The trans works great cold as soon as it heats up it goes to failsafe and gear error 3rd. I don't really feel it slipping but it seems like it lingers in 2nd and when it hits 3rd goes right into failsafe. So far i put another valvebody, intermediate housing with the new piston and even tried another case.. Anyone ever had an issue like this? Thoughts Please? Thanks Gary

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