6t45 no foward no reverse after rebuild???

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6t45 no foward no reverse after rebuild???

Post by cnb » Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:54 am

This is a bench job that came in. Customers Trannys was smashed due too the 35drum failure. Bought a running Tranny opened her up everything seemed good how ever the bell housings were different so I used the customers bell housing and it did fit. Used the customer techm with the runners valve Body and spacer plate. I’m worried if I have interchange A gem 1 valve Body with a Gen 2 valve body but in this case I kept the valve Body together with the case from the runner and just replaced the techm with the original Tranny. Customer says he feels it engaging in drive and reverse but doesn’t wanna move.

Any information and help would be greatly appreciated!

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