65 nova w/ 2 speed powerglide

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65 nova w/ 2 speed powerglide

Post by veteranmech007 » Fri Jan 24, 2014 6:11 pm

Hi guys so one of my regular customers has a 65 nova with a 2 speed power-glide and hes putting a semi-built crate motor in ( he said its not drag race level but a little bit more beefy then the stock one) and has a 2 speed powerglide going behind it.
He wants it rebuilt, question anything i should upgrade to or look for in the unit, no offense to the older gents in here but this ones a little before my time. he said it drives OK now but has a hard 1-2 shift, i thought that i heard before that that was normal but could be wrong since I've never been in one before. Just want to make sure that when i rebuild it that it wont wear out prematurely if he puts that crate motor in it. Hes in agrement on that.

Thanks again

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Re: 65 nova w/ 2 speed powerglide

Post by jimeberhart » Fri Jan 24, 2014 7:04 pm


There were 2 Powerglide transmissions back then. The stock 4 -6 Cyl transmission like you have and a V8. I would recommend using a V8 core to start with if you can find one. If not the stock 6 Cyl trans will work under light duty with a V8 engine however it will break if abused.

I would use 5 direct frictions and steels with a stock wave plate. You will have to cut the piston down on a lathe to make 5 frictions fit. Set the high clutch clearance loose like around .090 if possible. Spec is .040 - .115. Use the OE band if possible as they don't make them like that anymore. Use 5 reverse frictions and steels with a wave. This will require some cutting if the unit doesn't have 5 frictions.

Replace all the bushings including the rear case and support bushings. Use a bigger bushing in the direct drum. A 200 front pump bushing will fit here in the drum. I would use a TransGo Shift kit. Buy a new V8 modulator.

Again this car really needs a V8 trans if you can find one. It has a 1.76 ratio where the stock ratio was 1.82. The V8 has a stronger planetary and input shaft. Check the Sonnax website as they have a lot of parts available for the Powerglide.

Have Fun!

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Re: 65 nova w/ 2 speed powerglide

Post by barrycole » Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:08 pm

Robert: Jim is very right in what he is saying. I run my 67 Camaro with a powerglide v8 and like to challenge my sons 93 si 1.8l & 95 1.8l integra powerd Civics, they are both turbo charged. These civics are getting hard to run against. sorry about getting off topic. Best thing I installed was the sonnax High Gear Clutch Drum Kit. If your customer is just going to drive as street ride may be just rebuild stock.
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Re: 65 nova w/ 2 speed powerglide

Post by deanmason » Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:05 pm

I had a Nova and loved it. So let me give you some old timer tips:

Since you say he's putting a "crate" motor in it, I'm going to assume it's a 327, AND that the original engine was also a 327. that being the case, i would expect it has a 307 rear axle, which came factory in those (or possible a 343 if he's real lucky). Now, if he was running 600+ HP with a 410-456 gear, then a PG would work fine, but for a modified stock street pooch with a factory diff, the PG will be a dog off the line. I would put a 700 in it! The 3:06:1 first gear will get him out of the hole a lot quicker and it will feel like he has an extra 100 hp. If you can't find an early 700 core (with a conv clutch shift valve) then grab a 350-C. That will feel real nice in that nova. In fact, the 350 was standard in the 69-up Nova. You could probably sell the PG core to a hi HP racer for the same that you'd pay for the 700. You'll have to change the front driveshaft yoke, and shorten the shaft, but thats no big deal.

but all this of course is assuming he's not concerned with keeping this completely stock as a restored complete original antique

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