2011 rord escape 6F35

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2011 rord escape 6F35

Post by bobs71 » Mon Apr 12, 2021 2:57 pm

without letting the wheels roll,,you can engage shifter to the dirve position scans shows it is in 1st gear after about 15 seconds still not moving it jerks and goes to 5th gear. trans has been built with new soloinoid assembly and sensor plate .pcm has been replaced all modules updated ,have not been able to change problem also have replaced mlps.. just found out you do not even have to start,, this will all take place on a key on engine off scan.. help

Still got this escape have found that I can plug I solenoid/tcm on the outside of unit and it still goes to limp when key is turned on. I have no codes in any modules.thinking about changing input sensors to pcm any ideas where to start.

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