1999 honda crv awd M4TA

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1999 honda crv awd M4TA

Post by bobs71 » Tue Dec 18, 2018 5:20 pm

Came in with clutches and steels gone. Rebuilt unit with ohk, solenoids ,convertor. pretty standard.. after oh will not reverse (like neutral) but will go forward. went back through unit all looks good . Valve bodies smooth no sticking. changed solenoids, and mls.. did notice that if you unplug anyone of the solenoids ,it goes to limp wrong gear takeoff ,,But reverse is back... even if you unplug only the mls, reverse is there. even without reverse feels like I'm going backwards on this one. have rechecked direction of rev gear,it will air apply.. 4th gear also looks good . At a loss and looking for something to try..Thanks..

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