Whining noise in chain driven transfer cases

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Whining noise in chain driven transfer cases

Post by dmatchett » Thu Mar 03, 2016 2:44 pm

Customer's complaining of a whining noise in different chain driven transfer cases, understanding the
difference between a whine type of noise and a noisy transfer case bearings can save you lots of time,
there is nothing in a transfer case that can cause a whine as there are no hypoid gears or gears in mesh.
Now differentials whine regardless of whether or not the vehicle is accelerating . You need to remove
one driveshaft at a time to locate the offending differential, once you have done this inspect the differential
for bad bearings, ring and pinion, etc . Drive shafts act like speakers to transmit noise from the differential
through the shaft to the transfer case, NEVER remove the transfer case unless you have confirmed there is
an internal problem.

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