Why measure tires?

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Why measure tires?

Post by dmatchett » Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:08 pm

There is no way you can diagnose a customer's vehicle if you don't understand how today's 4WD
systems work and the first step is known the significance of measuring tires on 4WD/AWD vehicles.
The new generation transfer cases have so much computer control and interrelated systems that
a 1/4" difference in one tire height will set codes, create chatter problems, driveline wind up, eta.
Anytime you are working with a 4WD/AWD vehicle, the first step is to measure the tire circumference
and make sure all the tire pressures are the same. I have been to shops and suggested they purchase
a tire stagger gauge, instead of using a rope, string, or sewing tape which most do, however that is
the old way of doing things, a tire stagger gauge can measure all 4 tires in 5-10 minutes and can be
done with the vehicle on the ground, the old system the vehicle must be on the hoist, what is more efficient?
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