Mercedes Benz transfer case bearing kit

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Mercedes Benz transfer case bearing kit

Post by dmatchett » Tue Feb 27, 2018 4:29 pm

All Mercedes Benz transfer cases with the 4 Matic application has issues with transfer case bearings and seals, the seals are available from the dealer but they do not offer the bearings, you must purchase a new transmission and transfer case which is huge cost to the customer. We have imported the Timken
Bearings from France and have assembled a kit for the aftermarket.Our kit consist of 3 large bearings, 1 small bearing and 2 seals. Over a period of time we had numerous request for the shims that sit behind the bearings and they get damaged, I was able to get a couple of samples and had the shims manufactured since they are also not available from the dealer. The shims can be purchased in kit form or individually.
Bearing and seal kit BK722
Shim kit 724202K (comes with 20 shims multi thickness)

Large bearing shim 724276 .097"/724276A .099"/724276B .101"/724276C .103"/724276D .105" thickness
Small bearing shim 724276E .097"/724276F .099"/724276G .101"/724276H .103"/724276J .105" thickness

Bearing kit consist of the following:
1) front output seal (adapter housing) 88074A
1) rear output seal (rear extension housing) 78074
3) NP577617/NP604623 large cup and cone
1) NP312842/NP925485 small cup and cone

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Re: Mercedes Benz transfer case bearing kit

Post by dhritsko » Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:28 pm

thanks Doug
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