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Post by nctransmission » Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:44 pm

So we asked for information about the RAP Kit about a year ago. A RAP kit showed up. We attempted on multiple occasions to use the system and about 50% of the time Drew Tech was able to perform the programming.

Drew Tech charged $19.95 per month rental fee plus $155 each programming event.

The announcement of the RAP 2 kit upgrade came out and I called to inquire about the exchange. I left three voicemails in an attempt to get information about the upgrade and start the process. Eventually I found some information online that indicated the new monthly rental fee was $49.95 per month and each programming event was $125. If you call them and try to get a vehicle programmed, they will charge you $40 no matter what, as a "flash availability check".

I attempted to program several vehicles, and was told it was outside of the years they cover. The last one was a 2009 Chevy with a 6 speed. So, what do they actually OFFER?

When it goes, it does go quite smoothly and the event is pretty painless. But there's a lot of extraneous information about the platform being used, the challenges of the wifi signal and every other excuse you care to think of.

I bought an average Dell laptop that doubles as a front office loaner, and a Snap on Pass Through, and will save myself the headaches of having to deal with a company who demands rather than services.

End result, after telling them to get their shit, they charged me $85 and make me find a fedex drop off. terrible product, terrible service, terrible experience.

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