05 Pacifica/41TE P0846

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05 Pacifica/41TE P0846

Post by v84u2nv » Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:24 pm

Greetings everyone,
Pulling my hair out on this thing , upon first failure, pulled unit and rebuilt it best to my ability , went 2 months, went down again, pulled the unit again, brought it to a more seasoned builder than myself , installed it and went directly to limp mode, i have replace the solenoid pack 3x with mopar parts, replaced pcm with used pcm, same code returns, replace IPM and actully removed entire harness from another vehicle and tried that! still this p0846 / limp mode haunts me, is there anyway it could an internal issue in the unit, perhaps a hairline crack somewhere?? any insight would be greatly appreciated. worst part is ...this is my own vehicle i cant even resolve, lol thx all.

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Re: 05 Pacifica/41TE P0846

Post by brettsb16a2 » Tue Apr 03, 2018 12:02 pm

These things are very hard to diagnose, Chrysler has terrible diagnostics and bad info. My guess is its a bad computer AGAIN, I have replaced a computer 3 times from the dealer before I got a good one in the same vehicle and what a fight. After markets are just as bad. They aren't verifying repairs on these computers before boxing them back up for sale. JUNK! If I was trying to verify transmission issues I would hook up a lab scope on pin 4 and 1 of the trans connector and look at the voltage change, its not a typical type of switch. Voltage goes through a resister, then the switch grounds to ground when the pressure is either on or off ( I don't know how these switches function you will have to figure that out). When the switch is opposite the voltage goes straight to the ecu and inside there is the other resister. This is a lab scope diag only. Then I would compare the reading to the other switches and test them like the Low Reverse. You will need to know when the pressures should change in other gears. I have had my butt handed to me on Chrysler electronics. This will take some messing around with the lab scope and checking both at trans and computer.

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