92 Honda Accord 2.2L MPXA transmission

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92 Honda Accord 2.2L MPXA transmission

Post by joseluis » Thu May 17, 2018 11:08 pm

I just rebuild this transmission.And it started forward fine shifted nicely.And in reverse it completely binds.
than go to D,and stays bound-up for a while.And 4-5 seconds later it shifts fine.Disconnected the solenoids and no change.
in the secondary Valvebody there is 7 check balls.I believe it had only six checkballs originally.but the manual
shows seven and I used seven.The ATSG PX4 manual book is not clear as it shows six check balls on one pic. and seven on another pic.
My valvebody numbers are PX4Y. I have not been able to find a used one to compare. short of buy a used core(very hard to find).
Thanks to all in advance, very thankfull of any help I can get!!

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