2006 forester 4eat torque bind

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2006 forester 4eat torque bind

Post by Tims Trans » Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:45 pm

hi this thing will jerk and bind when making slow tight turns its the phase 2 4eat trans with the transfer duty solenoid in the valvebody. I inserted a fuse in the 2wd slot in the fuse box and there is no bind does this mean the solenoid is working correctly? I did a fluid and filter change and tested the solenoid while I was in there and it clicks just fine when I put it in gear its a very loud continuous click. I buttoned it back up and did a bunch of figure 8s and I still have the bind I was thinking about putting the new modified rostra solenoid in it but the oem solenoid seems to work fine electrically anyway
is there any suggestions to what I could do next?

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