soft and slipping 2 apply 4l60e

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soft and slipping 2 apply 4l60e

Post by craigrushton » Thu Apr 11, 2019 2:27 pm

this is an 03 chevy silverado 4.8 4l60e came in no third and slipping 2nd this was rebuilt here about a year ago, put a pressure gauge on it to see whats going on found line pressure was about 60 in all ranges no rise pulled it replaced pump installed sonnax .492 boost vlave with the orings on it new epc seals and gaskets clutchs basically re built it again. line pressures back with shift kit about 80 in d 130 in reverse get great rise when throttle is depressed, test drove it 2nd is really soft if you go full throttle it will actually slip a little than engage 3rd is good, solenoids are good, has a new servo customer wanted a vette servo so thats whats installed, 4th is no problem the 1-2 accumulator valve in the bushing was a little tight but i have had these before and not had an issue, what else should i be looking at for this issue i am leaning towards the 1-2 bushing i installed another 1-2 accumulator on the valve body i had that i know was good so i can eliminate that

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Re: soft and slipping 2 apply 4l60e

Post by carod » Thu Apr 18, 2019 10:09 pm

Make sure that the servo capsule/check ball in the case is good, and take another look at the servo assembly and adjust band .060 to .100
Check the case where the servo pin slides. Make sure there is no leakage at the 1/2 accumulator (use an aluminum piston).
Make sure the accumulator valve and bushing is proerly installed. Use the late valve stamped CX GM 24202698
with the housing/bushing GM 24219937, or you can get one fron sonnax with 3 springs for firmness adjustment.
You also can open up thw 1/2 shift hole a little and install a stiffer sring on the 1/2 accumulator.

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